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Terms of Use for Telekom Content World

  1. Subject of the Agreement
    Telekom Content World (available at is a content database for images and videos (hereinafter referred to as "Content World") of Deutsche Telekom AG (hereinafter referred to as "DTAG").

    The images/photos/animations/videos stored on the Content World (hereinafter referred to as "content") are available for download and for use in accordance with these Terms of Use to employees of DTAG or companies affiliated with DTAG within the meaning of §§ 15 et seq. of the German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz – AktG) as well as any companies worldwide in which DTAG directly or indirectly holds at least 25 percent of the shares and/or of which DTAG has managerial control (hereinafter referred to as the "Deutsche Telekom Group"), who have registered with Content World (registered employees being referred to hereinafter as "user" or "users"). In addition, registered agencies engaged by the Deutsche Telekom Group (hereinafter referred to as "agencies", "user" or "users") that have been commissioned to produce work results for the Deutsche Telekom Group may download and use the content in accordance with these Terms of Use.

    Use of Content World by registered users is subject to the following terms and conditions.
  2. Registration/accreditation
    1. Registration is required to use Content World. Such registration is free of charge.
    2. By accessing Content World using their employee login (internal Group SSO), Deutsche Telekom employees are registered automatically. Those outside of the Group (e.g., agency employees) who have not yet used the "Telekom Business Login" will have to register for this service. This will be provided by Telekom Deutschland, which will save their user data.
    3. By logging in, the user can view and use content on Content World within the framework of these Terms of Use. Agencies are subject to an accreditation process when signing in for the first time, during which they must specify a contact person within the Deutsche Telekom Group. Through this accreditation, the user warrants that they are authorized to enter into these Terms of Use on behalf of the agency.
    4. The user/agency shall have no claim to guaranteed accessibility/usability of the content database.
    5. Furthermore, the user/agency declares their consent to be contacted via the email address provided when signing in (for example, information regarding changes made to the user's data, changes to the content, or expiration of a license for content).
    6. When signing in for the first time to the Telekom Content World, the user also gives their consent to be signed up for the Content World newsletter. The user can unsubscribe from this newsletter by clicking the "Abmelden" ["Unsubscribe"] link in the newsletter or via their user account on Content World.
  3. Usage rights for the content 
    The content may only be downloaded or used for the following purpose and to the following extent: 
    1. Use of the content solely for the purpose of creating work results (e.g., advertising materials, websites, corporate presentations of any kind) for the Deutsche Telekom Group and to the extent specified in these Terms of Use and in the content text for the specific content, whereby the extent specified in the content text shall take precedence in case of any deviations. The division of the Deutsche Telekom Group that is permitted to use the content in question and the time period for which use is permitted may be discovered by clicking the content text for the content in question and must be adhered to at all times. 
    2. The content may be used, reproduced and/or disseminated, publicly communicated, and made publicly accessible worldwide within the framework of the aforementioned purpose and without time restriction (or for the limited period of time specified in the content text).
    3. The content may be used in all media (except TV) and forms of use, online and offline, and in any other analog or digital way (e.g., on CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-Ray, and other image/audio and data carriers, in printed media, the intranet, internet, databases, etc.). The content may also be published in specific (if applicable, prominent) positions (e.g., title page, start page, or home page).
    4. The content may be used in conjunction with advertising and/or sponsorship and for advertising in Germany and abroad (including posters, presentations of any kind – including in retail spaces, at exhibitions and trade fairs, events, etc. – newsletters, on-screen text, teasers on portals, display ads) provided there is a direct connection with the Deutsche Telekom Group.
    5. Commercial use of the content shall also be permitted, e.g., through the production and distribution of goods of any kind for the Deutsche Telekom Group (toys, stuffed animals, sporting goods, household goods, bathroom products, kitchenware, clothing, mouse mats, posters, stickers, calendars, user manuals, packaging, etc.) including advertising for this and irrespective of whether a charge is made for the merchandising products or not.
    6. With due protection of the creator’s copyright, the content may be changed, added to, or reduced in terms of its content and/or design, combined with other works, or edited in any other way.
    7. There shall be no obligation to name the creator on the respective content unless such obligation is expressly specified in the content text.
    8. After expiry of the time period specified in the respective content text, the content may no longer be used in work results that were not created until after the time period specified in the respective content text. Work results that are created within the time period specified in the respective content text may continue to be used indefinitely unless otherwise regulated in the content text. Where used in digital online and mobile media (websites, apps, etc.), the content must be replaced no later than three months after the expiry of the time period specified in the respective content text.
  4. Duties and obligations of the user/agency
    1. The content may only be used by the user/agency for the purpose of creating work results for the Deutsche Telekom Group, and must not be used for personal, private purposes or for the purposes of third parties/other customers. In addition, the content may not be passed on to third parties/other customers outside the work results of the Deutsche Telekom Group.
    2. The content must not be used in an unlawful or immoral context. In addition, the content must not be used in a manner that is derogatory or defamatory to the creator or any persons depicted. 
    3. The content accessible on Content World is protected by copyright, applied property rights, and also by the right to privacy of the individual as a rule. These rights may be owned by different people. If such rights are violated, the creator/beneficiaries of related rights and any persons depicted in the material may assert compensation claims and other claims. Therefore the user/agency must strictly observe the rights and obligations specified in Clauses 3 and 4 at all times.
    4. The user/agency must report any unauthorized use of their password or of the content that they become aware of to the contact email address immediately.
    5. Downloaded content may not be stored on the user's computer beyond the storage period necessary for creating the work results.
    6. In all work results, a company in the Deutsche Telekom Group must be clearly identified as the sender. The investment portfolio can be retrieved from the intranet by all employees of the Deutsche Telekom Group under, under the menu item "Downloads". In case of any uncertainty, the user/agency must send an inquiry to the contact email address
    7. The content of the Content World may not be used (image/video) for training for an open, freely accessible artificial intelligence (AI) system, nor for the creation of a modified image/photo/animation/video using an AI system. It is prohibited to upload content from Content World to an open AI system that is freely accessible on the Internet. For use in closed AI systems, the prior written consent of DTAG is required.
  5. Account blocking, liability, and indemnification
    1. DTAG is entitled to block the user’s/agency’s access to Telekom Content World at any time at its discretion and to delete or block the user account.
    2. The liability of Deutsche Telekom Group employees/users shall be defined in accordance with the legal provisions in conjunction with principles under labor law.
    3. The liability of the agency/agency user shall be defined in accordance with the legal provisions. If claims are asserted by third parties against a company in the Deutsche Telekom Group on the grounds of unlawful use of the content by the agency/agency user, the agency/agency user shall indemnify DTAG from all third-party claims on the first request. This shall include the costs for the Deutsche Telekom Group’s legal defense.
  6. Final provisions
    1. DTAG reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use and any other regulations or guidelines relating to Content World at any time and at its discretion. If DTAG makes changes to the Terms of Use, DTAG shall notify the registered users by email and shall obtain their agreement upon the next login or registration attempt. Users who do not agree to the new Terms of Use shall not be able to continue using Content World.
    2. These Terms of Use are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, to the exclusion of international private law and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The sole place of jurisdiction shall be Bonn, Germany, to the extent permitted.
    3. Should individual provisions of these Terms of Use be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The same shall apply in the event of a loophole.

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Last revision: June 26, 2023